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Coaching and mentoring for Mums with big jobs

Hey, I'm Carly - I am an ICF-trained and qualified coach specialising in career coaching for Mums to help them re-examine their expectations so they can have their needs met in all areas of their lives. 
I offer a blend of coaching and mentoring to empower and support mums manage their load so they can reduce the pressure and expectations thrown at them, enabling them to progress their career in way that feels good to them.
Within my work, I recognise the systems, inequalities, and circumstances that add to the challenge of motherhood, keeping us small and stuck and making life feel more difficult. 
I understand the challenges first hand of balancing a career and motherhood and everything in between. Since returning to work after my maternity I have slowly progressed a leadership career and gradually up from part time to full time work (namely driven by the cost of living crisis). I have gradually taken courageous jumps forward in work in my own time and battled with the challenge of balance and what can feel like huge risks in disrupting said balance.
I am an alumni of the Leaders Plus fellowship where I developed my skills and confidence to both develop in my career alongside motherhood and share this with others in my coaching and mentoring work. I have provided coaching for fellow alumnis , supporting them through career changes, regaining balance and control and increasing confidence in male dominated industries. 
What they said: 
"Carly really helped rebuild my confidence, she helped me to own and feel proud of my leadership style and to see the unique benefits that brings to my current role and organisation"
"I now realise as a female leader in quite a male environment I bring something unique and valuable"
"I now make an effort to make friends and show up as my genuine self less bothered by what others think about me"
I am a single Mum, passionate about campaigning for single parent rights and the issues affecting us in my spare time.
I speak to the media about issues such as the benefit system, debt, energy and childcare costs, costs of living more generally and other issues particularly impacting single parents.
About me


I’m Carly, single Mum to Ezra. I work in a leadership role in my day job but like many of you craved more flexibility, freedom, balance and earning potential that wasnt at the expense of my family. So during the pandemic, I used the time to figure out what I really wanted and embarked on a coaching certification and training and started my own business. Since then I have been balancing full time work, running a coaching business, studying, and being a single parent. I also campaign and frequently speak to media about how things such as the cost of living crisis, cuts to Universal Credit, cost of childcare can disproportionately impact single parents.

I have always felt strongly about the amount of pressures and expectations put on us as women and as mothers and significantly for, single mothers.

So my passion and focus is finding ways in which we can realistically reduce the pressures and expectations put on us by others and by ourselves. I spend a long time thinking about how we can better manage the load and balance of everything more effectively and how can we live without so much stress and overwhelm as Mums.


However I think an important part of this is helping us to understand that the problem doesn’t all lie with us as individuals and the work cannot all fall to us as single mums when there are so many external things at play. 

What we are experiencing is real for so many, the juggle is real, the pressure, the expectations are real, and significantly, the systems we live in that seek to oppress and benefit from doing so are very much real. The systems that are there keeping us buried, keeping us small, keeping us burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, guilty and not feeling good enough because it benefits them to do









Through my coaching work, campaigning, media work and community on social media I am 

thinking about, talking about, and sharing how we can better gain more confidence and knowledge to do the things we need to to reduce overwhelm, stress and pressure that we experience as Mums in order to live in ways we really want to.


I’m always thinking about how I can support myself as well as others to take responsibility where we can and where we want to but with enough awareness and compassion for ourselves when it comes to the things we can’t do, we can’t control, can’t change. Accepting the things that are far bigger than us that are real and still going to present us with daily challenges. And I invite you to consider this could mean for you.


I continue to campaign about the cost of living crisis, issues with universal credit, housing and other issues that disproportionately affect single parents. But with the knowing that collectively we can create meaningful changes one step at a time in our own wonderful ways, whatever that looks like.














I have a degree in psychology and Masters in Community regeneration where I had the opportunity to research how different forms of art and wellbeing can help regenerate communities and those living within it. 


I am a certified ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach, certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have trained in using Emotional Freedom Technique. My coaching learning and development is ongoing, I continue to practice, study and qualify as part of my continuous professional development.

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"we still expect women to work like they don't have children, and raise children as if they don't work"

Amy Westervelt

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