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My love affair with coaching (the short version)

Buckle up babes, it's a long one (even though it’s the short version)! (soz)

The start

When I first ‘got into’ coaching and decided to train and become qualified there were several different motivations for me.

I took part in a coaching programme myself to help me work through things I was struggling and wanted to change in relation to relationships. And it really helped in ways, it helped me to see things differently, feel differently about myself and take responsibility for things I hadn't realised I needed to.

I then really got into the self help, self development etc world. Except it wasn't really self because it actually involved investing a lot into others because I had no idea what I was doing but felt desperate. I needed different and everything that I was being told, everything that was being offered.

The dream

I think I then bought into a dream, into a life I wanted to create for myself and Ezra.

I think I bought into this because I was searching for something, I was probably desperate, desperate for something to be different. I wasn't always sure what that was and it probably wasn’t something but a combination of different things. Motherhood is vulnerable, its lonely, its so challenging at times, especially in a global pandemic and so I found something I thought I was looking for.

I wanted a life where I worked less, earned more, had balance and time for myself and Ezra, could afford the things I wanted even as a single parent. I wanted to do something I really enjoyed and gave me purpose, in a way that suited me. I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours, not be tied to a desk workplace bureaucracy and still make more money.

And I wanted this because the alternative is bloody hard work, its a struggle and doesn't allow you the time and energy to enjoy your family or your life very much. I didn't want this anymore.

The reality

The coaching world told me what I wanted to hear and I bought into it, because I really wanted something.

Now I’m not saying that these things aren’t possible or that there aren't many people out there making this happen for them but I am saying it has happened for me (yet).

But a lot has happened for me and it has given me so many things that add value to myself, to my life and that I’m very grateful for. I still love what I'm doing, love learning, love sharing, love the ever evolving version of me, love community, love the people I meet along the way, love working with and helping different people, love the purpose. Love more things than I can list.

There were always lots of elements of the coaching industry that didn’t sit comfortably for me. For a long time I believed this was my problem, of course in some ways it still it is but I’ve also come to realise that so much of it didn’t sit right with me because of what I knew, believe, see, hear, experience to be true about the world we live in and it turns out these things are very real.

Going round the houses

Based on what I already knew from my own experiences and those around me as well as the women and mums I have worked in my business and online community I knew I was going to have to really work out what this all meant in reality for me, for my coaching, for my messaging. I’ve gone round the houses with it for such a long time, trying to work out what I’m really trying to say and really trying to help with in an authentic and responsible way.

Having spent the last year also campaigning and speaking to the media about the very real issues affecting many of us, in particular in my experience, as a single parent I have tried to bring this all together in my approach to how I help both myself and others within my coaching work and online community.

Its still very much a working progress but what I do know is that if you are wanting support with managing the pressures and stresses of life in motherhood in a realistic way that works for you then that is my jam, that is what I believe in.

So what am I doing then

I want to help you in a realistic and achievable way with an open mind and awareness to the realities of your life and what you’re going through. I want to support you in a way that works for you.

There are tools I can share with you that will help however there will also be a lot of space held for you to explore what will be best for you and what you need.

We will explore together practical and mindset tools so you can possibly see your situation from a different viewpoint, tools and conversations to enable and empower you to make changes, to feel different, to help you navigate your way through what is being thrown at us.

But I believe strongly in doing this in a way that is going to work for you, a way that is realistic and good for you based on who you are and where you currently are.

I would love the opportunity to give you the support, grace, care, and most importantly space to find a way to balance this all in your own way, in a way that feels good to you.

If you are interested in working with me to get support with reducing overwhelm and stress and gaining more balance and confidence to make yourself more of a priority, then let's talk.

If that’s not where you’re at right now but you would like some free support then make sure you are part of my free facebook community where I go live every week discussing different topics that are affecting us.

Join me here;

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