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Working with me

"I can do it! I have skills I didn't realise I had. Don't be afraid to take the next step. Also, separately, Carly was a brilliant supportive but also directional coach. It was a really positive first experience of coaching. She achieved a balance between providing constructive ideas and a soft 'nudge' when I needed it, but also provided a safe and supportive environment where I could explore lots of ideas"

➡️   Are you a working mum who's trying to strike a balance between your demanding career and the challenges of motherhood?

➡️   Do you often find yourself yearning for more confidence and fulfillment in both areas of your life?


I understand the juggling act you face every day. My aim is to empower you to thrive in your big job, embrace your role as a mum, and feel like some balance is available to you.


As a coach and mentor, my services are designed to equip and encourage mums like you to advocate for yourself, both at work and at home.


Together, we'll dive deep into your aspirations and help you pursue what truly ignites your passion. I'm not here to promise a miraculous transformation, but rather to provide practical guidance and support that can make a real difference.


During our work together, we'll tackle a range of topics that will have a tangible impact on your life:


🌟 Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs: We'll uncover the thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back, and I'll help you replace them with empowering alternatives.


🌟 Boosting your self-esteem and unleashing your full potential: Together, we'll develop strategies to build your confidence, allowing you to shine in all areas of your life.


🌟 Aligning your career with your purpose: Let's explore how your work can reflect your true passions and provide a sense of fulfillment.


🌟 Creating a healthy work-life balance: I'll guide you in finding practical ways to reduce overwhelm and stress, giving you more time and energy for what truly matters.


🌟 Navigating self-doubt and critical thoughts: We'll work on managing those internal voices that can hold you back, empowering you to step into your brilliance.

Sound good? Keep scrolling to see what services I offer.

Still not sure? Feel free to email me any questions or to arrange a no pressure chat.


"Carly really helped rebuild my confidence, she helped me to own and feel proud of my leadership style and to see the unique benefits that brings to my current role and organisation"

Services offered

💫 One-off Sessions 💫


Investment: £50 per hour, including a session recording and/or write-up for your reference.


These sessions are perfect for addressing specific goals, gaining clarity on particular challenges, and exploring coaching without a long-term commitment. You'll experience the benefits firsthand and receive targeted support.

💥 Block Sessions 💥 


Investment: £175 for four one-hour sessions to be used within three months, tailored to your needs.

Ideal for: 

✨ Dedicating a substantial amount of time to dive deep into a specific topic together.

✨ Exploring complex challenges that require focused attention and guidance. 

✨ Providing ample time to work through blocks and barriers that may be holding you back. 

✨ Tailoring the sessions to your pace and allowing for deeper exploration and breakthroughs.


Investment: £240 for six one-hour sessions to be used within four months, providing time and space to explore your goals and desires.

Recommended for: 

✨ All the benefits of the block sessions, with additional time and space to work through your needs.

✨ Dedicated support to address various areas of your life and create lasting change.

✨ A deeper focus on your unique needs and empowering you to overcome any obstacles in your path.

I understand that your schedule is busy, so all our sessions are conducted over Zoom, ensuring flexibility and convenience. However, if you prefer a different platform or require accommodations, please let me know, and we'll find a solution that works for you.


Let's discuss how we can work together and determine if it's the right fit for you. Feel free to email me, and we'll take the first step toward creating positive change in your life.

Ready to unleash your confidence, find balance, and create a life that aligns with your values? 

Ready to give yourself some time and space to focus on you?

Let's embark on this path together. Email me now, and let's discover the possibilities for you.


Remember, you deserve to thrive in every aspect of your life. Let's make it happen!

Amazing to have these sessions just to talk and share with someone and have space to process and think. Carly was brilliant at asking just the right questions and reflecting back. It felt a real luxury to have this time. It gave me greater clarity on quite a few things plus some tangible immediate things to go away and try.

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