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6-week 1:1 online coaching (1 hour per week)  £290 payment plans available 


What you need to know about my work

I want to help you in a realistic and achievable way with an open mind and awareness to the realities of your life and what you’re going through. I want to support you in a way that works for you.

There are tools I can share with you that will help however there will also be a lot of space held for you to explore what is that will be best for you and what you need. 

We will explore together practical and mindset tools so you can possibly see your situation from a different viewpoint, tools and conversations to enable and empower you to make changes, to feel different, to help you navigate your way through what is being thrown at us. But I believe strongly in doing this in a way that is going to work for you, a way that is realistic and good for you based on who you are and where you currently are. 

I would love the opportunity to give you the support, grace, care, and most importantly space to find a way to balance this all in your own way, in a way that feels good to you. 

So how can I support you?

I will support you to understand where you currently are. What is working, what isn’t working, and most importantly what is it you want.

We will explore any mindset blocks, habits, and patterns and explore them to understand how these may or may not be working for you in order to give you more clarity, more confidence, and compassion to navigate the massive loads we are all facing.


This is the foundation work, the building blocks for you to keep coming back to - because you will need to keep coming back to it.

This is ongoing work because we are changing habits of a lifetime and a lifetime of conditioning. It's ongoing work because the systems, challenges, and expectations of us are still going to be there which is why I believe it's so important to do this work with this understanding and awareness.


Starting can feel like the biggest step, the scariest step and for some the hardest step so I wanna be there with you to help you with it and support you to navigate your way through it.

Give you the tools, understanding and support to get you started so you can continue to navigate, manage and make the changes you want more confidently and compassionately.


We will explore and I will support you with mindset and practical tools in the following areas, depending on what you need and what feels right for you.
We won’t necessarily cover all of these as I am realistic about what we can do in our time together but to give you an idea of the different areas that are likely to be helpful for us to look at together;

  • managing overwhelm

  • managing stress

  • strengthening boundaries

  • time management and prioritisation

  • self-compassion and care

  • creating realistic habits and change

  • reducing the load and creating more balance

  • confidently managing expectations and pressure

If you want to know more, have any questions or would like to just chat through how this might work for you, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you to arrange a good time for us to talk.

Image by Chris Nguyen
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